Will Murray

Will Murray

Sound Designer + Composer

Games - Interactive Media - TV - Film - Advertising
Based in Brisbane, Australia

About Me:


My name is Will and I'm a sound designer/composer with a passion for games & interactive media, though I am happy to work with any medium.

Music has essentially been my life since I discovered my love for it back in early high school. Since then I've played in multiple bands, put out several records and played many gigs. The only thing that can hold a candle to my passion for music, is my love of video games, which have been almost as much a part of my life as music. This amalgamation of passion and experience is the bedrock of my audio career.

I'm based in Brisbane, Australia and currently a music student at the University of Canberra (Brisbane campus). Hence, most of my portfolio is based around student work.

Thanks for reading.

Will Murray